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The return on


For a cat food brand under pressure from new entrants and rampant price discounting, it was crucial for Fancy Feast to communicate the value it brings to the indulgent cat lover who valued choice above all else. With over 50 SKUs, choice was exactly what Fancy Feast had to offer.


The growth in value
year on year.

IdeaLittle else says choice more than a ‘sushi train’.

A sushi train is a metaphor that also communicates modernity, freshness and authenticity. So in a departure from the stereotypical ads of the category, we showed how Fancy Feast delights cats through choice.


The increase in average
weight of purchase.

What our client said.

“This was the best cat ad we’ve ever done.  The results prove it and the engagement shows it.” 
David Grant. General Manager, Nestlé Purina.


The increase in
perceived variety.

What the world said.

Top 3 Screen Ads of Mumbrella 2012.

The 2nd trending video on Japan’s #1 website, Yahoo and shared and liked by more than 150,000 Japanese.

Talked about in Financial Review, AdNews and Catster blog.