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The most trending topic across Australia.


Consumers are overwhelmed with new product launches weekly. A new flavour has become ‘expected’ rather than something to talk about.

1.2 million

The Facebook shares, comments and likes.

Idea.  Actions speak louder than words. 

Rather than try and out shout the market we decided to do something so big that people couldn’t ignore us. In order to launch Nando’s new Mango & Lime flavour we ‘borrowed’ Bowen’s Big Mango.


The value of free publicity.

What our client said.

 “We have been blown away by the response this campaign generated. Social media was critical to its success. Memes were being generated within hours of the mango going missing – and our Bowen Facebook page grew to 5000 within the first day. It was a lot of fun to watch people respond and we felt that it captured something of the Australian larrikin spirit.” 
Nicole West, Marketing Manager, Nando’s Australia.

25.5 million

The people reached in just 4 days.

What the world said.

The Guardian Australia Scooby Doo Award for the biggest mystery, 2014.

5th Most Viewed ad on YouTube 2014
(as at August 2014).