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The improvement in
cost to revenue.


People value most what you show to be of value. And when it comes to the words and insights found in the St James Ethics Centre newsletter, its design and delivery was holding back its value. And holding back an essential non-profit from commercialising their content.

Idea. Put value into what is most valuable.

This is an idea of content transformation. We killed a capable newsletter and created engaging content in Ethics Quarterly, the new magazine of St James Ethics Centre. We elevated its content and transformed it into a revenue generating publication.

What our client said.

 “If you want an agency that always delivers more than you expect and that ‘sees’ issues and opportunities that truly transform your presence in the world – then Banjo is for you. One small (actually, massive) example is the reinvention of our flagship publication, re-branded and redesigned as Ethics Quarterly (EQ). For 25 years we have published consistently excellent content that has been consistently overlooked – but not anymore. Banjo’s creative vision (and execution) has launched EQ on a new trajectory. Who’d have thought people might eagerly await each new issue of a publication about ethics? That’s what’s happening. For us, it’s not just about great outcomes, it’s also about an excellent relationship. BANJO cares for our work and it shows in what they do – and how they do it”
Dr Simon Longstaff.  Executive Director,  St James Ethics Centre.

What the World Said