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The people reached.


Negative consumer perceptions of the Best&Less brand were getting in the way of women experiencing the new Best&Less product. Nothing we said would make them change their mind.


The increase in sales in L&B compared to the top Best&Less store.

Idea.  Remove the brand to see the product. 

Let them think they are shopping somewhere else so they can change their perception about Best&Less.


The estimated media value.

What our client said.

“I knew we needed to do something really different to the category in order to change customer perceptions. We’re not in a position to out-spend, so we needed to out-smart. We’re passionate about making fashion accessible to all, so we took a stand to prove that customers can have low price AND high fashion, without compromise.”
Jee Moon, Head of Brand & Marketing, Best&Less.

What the world said.

APMA GOLD: Best Shopper Marketing Campaign.

APMA GOLD: Best Retail Account Specific Campaign.

APMA SILVER: Best Activity Generating Brand Awareness & Trial.

Cannes Lion finalist. Events & Experiential (incl. stunts).